Be more agile.

Helping teams solve problems faster, make group decisions and communicate more effectively..

Teamwork made easy.

Often you will reach crucial decision or come up against a problem in your work that requires a team-members input before you can move forward. This means trying to get a hold of the right person and working through the problem in a video-chat or phone call.

Zeflo removes the friction of trying to organize a meeting by helping you to get connected to your team in the shortest time possible and provides you with an environment built to help you go from problem to solution quickly.


Get connected faster

Zeflo helps you organize a time to meet which allows you to get connected to the people you need in the shortest time possible.


Improve commmunication

Center your communication around your work so you can communicate more effectively and focus on the task at hand.


Collaborate seamlessly

Collaborate in an environment built specifically for collaborating on complex tasks that requires heavy communication.

How does it work?

Get connected and start collaborating with your team in 3 simple steps.


Start a new interaction

Create a new interaction, explain the purpose of the interaction, add any relevant data and invite your team. Zeflo will help you get connected to your team as soon as possible.


Start collaborating

Once the people you need has joined you can start work. Mark any decisions made along the way, tick of completed tasks and mark any crucial changes.


Lock it down.

When have reached your objectives just mark the interaction as completed and everything relating to that topic will be stored for later referral.

Built for agile.

Zeflo is designed to help distributed teams improve the quality and effectiveness of their communication which is an essential part of any successful agile team.


Communicate with a purpose.

Cut out the unecessary noise of chat rooms and get to the point, all communication is centred around a specfic topic.


Store it all in one place.

See at a glance what the purpose of an interaction is, what is being worked on and who is involved.


Communication essentials.

Use whatever communication method that best suits what you are working on at the time, zeflo has you covered:

  • -Screen-share + remote pairing
  • -Group video-chat
  • -Collaborative whiteboard
  • -Group messaging
  • -Screencapture + annotation

Show decisions made

See decisions made, what lead up to them and why they where made.


Mark important changes

Acknowledge major changes to your work and see them in context of your teams communcation.


Add and check off tasks

Center all your communication around a purpose and work towards a common goal.

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